Dentart offers you professional dental diagnostics

Using RVG (digital radiovisiograph) we get a tooth picture on a computer monitor that helps us to evaluate condition of a tooth and tissues around a tooth, work out relevant plan of treatment, control and estimate future results. RVG diagnostics is safe for pregnant and children.

Apex locator is used to define length of a root canal. This gives us a possibility to determine whether the canal ends on the side of a root and provide a proper treatment.

Elecroodonto diagnostic equipment helps us: to reveal vitality of a tooth pulp, carry out differential diagnostics defining different tooth diseases, work out a relevant treatment plan.

Caries indicator is special liquid used for decay treatment. Caries indicator helps to save a tooth tissue during the treatment which improves filling adhesion and prolongs its durability.

Modern methods of diagnostics help to make a diagnosis in a short time. This is a painless process with a purpose of preserving your teeth as long as possible.  

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