We offer restoration of heavily decayed, damaged, discolored and lost teeth with fixed  Veneers,  Zirconium oxide crowns       

or removable constructions. Nylon (elastic) denture, Bugel denture  ,  Plastic denture

Un-removable constructions:


-thin ceramic plates, which are fixed on the front surface of teeth
-are meant for front teeth with serious aesthetic defects (multiple fillings, diastema, dental fluorosis, irregular bite etc.)
-only the front surface of a tooth (teeth) is prepared
-have high strength and excellent aesthetics

Zirconium oxide crowns

-the crowns have white frame, which replace metal
-biocompatible with human tissues, don’t cause allergy (are widely used in endoprosthesis, for instance, femoral endoprosthesis)
-excellent aesthetics due to the absence of metal (transparency and light-refractability are the same as with natural teeth)
-the crowns are of high accuracy as they are made with the help of a laser scanner and computer
-it’s possible to choose the color of the frame which improves the appearance of the future crown
-zirconium oxide frame is thinner than the metal one (tooth tissues are less prepared)

Removable constructions:

-Nylon (elastic) denture. Nylon is widely used material in medicine, especially in surgery (it is used to make artificial veins, valves, arteries). Unlike other type of dentures nylon dentures don’t consist of additional fixing details such as clammers or locks and they posses an unique aesthetics, they are very light, practically invisible and don’t require any special care. On top of all they are easily adaptable.

-Bugel denture is used in case of multi teeth loss, especially when the last tooth (or teeth) is missing. This construction ensures chewing force balance between gum and support tooth. Variety of different complexity bugels which are fixed by invisible attachments are made in our clinic.

Bugel denture is very convenient, reliable easy to adapt and quite sound construction.

Plastic dentures can be partial and full. It is made with acrylic which has a unique feature of keeping color, shape and firmness for a long period of time. Impression is made with a special method that ensures good fixation of the denture in the mouth cavity. A patient is self-confident and doesn’t feel any discomfort.

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