Teeth whitening

Dentart offers you teeth whitening system which is very easy to use and control. A patient can whiten the teeth at home with our recommendations and instructions. He/she controls the process and when the result is satisfactory ceases the procedure which is very simple, safe and doesn’t increases teeth sensitivity.

Teeth color change reasons:

-  Pigmented substances (coffee, Pepsi, Coca Cola) in food products, which color tooth tissue.

-  Active consumption of cigarettes.

-  Drug (antibiotics-mainly of tetracycline group) treatment during teeth formation.

-  Tooth trauma.

-  Genetic background.

-  Tooth discoloring due to age.

- Chemical influence (Fluorosis caused by a high level of fluoride in drinking water).

All abovementioned indicates necessity of teeth whitening.

Whitening system Opalescence approbated in our clinic is approved by American Dental Association (ADA).

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