Dentist’s advices

Mouth hygiene

Remember you should clean your teeth twice a day: in the morning after the breakfast and in the evening before you go to bed. Brushing should last 2-3 minutes.

The tooth brush bristles should be synthetic on which of microbes and bacteria spreading is minimum. After use clean your tooth brush and store it open with the bristles up.

A toothbrush should be changed in 2-3 months because with worn bristles proper cleaning of teeth is impossible.

Electric toothbrush is more comfortable to use. It can do relevant motions and cleans up plague from inaccessible places.

There are various mouthwash and rinse products with different aromas which contain fluoride, calcium and other components useful for tooth tissue. But they are used for preventive means and can not be alternative for brushing.

Flossing is very important for healthy teeth and gums. Food can be easily stuck between the teeth and microbes multiply and cause gum infection. Floss easily gets into the space between the teeth and cleans remains of food.

Flossing is very easy. It is desirable to do the procedure in front of the mirror. Tear off 20-25 cm of floss, toss one end on the right hand finger and the second on the left one, the distance between them should be 5 cm. Put the floss between the teeth gently and start cleaning, after proceed with another tooth.

Chewing gum can not replace brushing but it doesn’t mean that it is harmful for the teeth unless it’s sugar-free and time of its consumption is no more than 15-20 minutes.

You should visit your dentist twice a year and get your teeth cleaned by the professional. Professional cleaning means to remove tartar and plague from teeth and gums.

There are two ways of professional cleaning:  mechanical, and no contact  cleaning. A patient chooses one of these ways with a dentist’s advice.


                                                                                                   Mikheil Gorelashvili                                                                                                     Dentist


Orthopedist’s advices

Proficiently done orthopedic work (crowns, bridges, veneers, removable dentures) should meet aesthetic requirements, be thoroughly cleanable, doesn’t cause gum discoloring, bleeding and bad smell in the mouth cavity.

Contact should exist and food remains shouldn’t be stuck between the teeth. If floss can not easily go between the teeth or pills or is stuck then it means that the work isn’t done properly and needs remake.

In case of partial loss of teeth restoration has to be done in time. The remaining teeth bend towards the defect. At the same time they get worn during chewing and result into loss.

Often teeth loss is reason of interstine diseases as food can not be broken down properly. Because of this a jaw bone decreases that makes not so good base for teeth restoration and denture fixation.

Remember you can retain your natural teeth left in the mouth cavity for longer if you apply dentures (crowns, bridges, bugels etc.) in time.

                                                                                        Iuri Zhorzholiani

Orthodontist’s advices 

Irregular alignment of teeth or bite cause not only aesthetic defect but a list of complications:

 - Temporomandibular joint disorders (inflammation, pain, clicking sounds when opening a mouth, chewing or speaking)

-  Pathological teeth wear, gingivitis, high risk of caries and its complication (pulpitis, parodontitis)
To avoid these problems orthodontist’s timely involvement for treatment is crucial.

Before starting orthodontic treatment professional cleaning of teeth should be done to fix the corrective appliance in a clean mouth cavity.

Filling of decayed teeth is desirable before orthodontic treatment is started because during the treatment with fixed equipment decayed part of the tooth is inaccessible.

Extraction of teeth standing out of the arch isn’t always necessary. Teeth alignment can be corrected without it.

Mouth cavity hygiene (frequent cleaning with special orthodontic bristles) during orthodontic treatment is very important.

                                                                                          Nino Komakhiidze



For parents’ attention

Modern dentistry gives you an opportunity to render your child dental help in time without any psycho-emotional tension.

Try to get your baby accustomed to cavity hygiene from an early age. Interest him/her with different flavor kids’ tooth pastes.

Try to talk to a child about how pleasant it is to visit a dentist and it is not as dangerous as they perceive.

Do not think that temporary teeth do not need a treatment. This is in direct connection with healthy permanent teeth cut.

Pay a visit to the pediatric dentist once in 3 months even if no tooth needs a treatment in order to get a child a dentist’s trust.

Never intimidate a child by a doctor. Remember youngsters’ views about dentists are determined by their parents.


                                                                                       Teona Maghradze


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